Why are we doing this?

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, yet so few of us are talking about it – to our friends, family and co-workers. Research by Yale University found that only 1 in 25 Americans hear people they know talk about climate change once a week. 16% hear people they know talk about once a month, and a full quarter of Americans never hear people they know talk about it at all!

Why aren’t we talking more?

There are many reasons, but it probably doesn’t help that Einstein’s papers are judged more readable than the most recognized climate change reports from the United Nations! Research shows that while newspaper coverage of these reports help make them more readable, they also make them more pessimistic.

If we think it’s all too awful to even talk about, how can we start reclaiming the power we have to solve it?


Behavioral change, tough though it may be, is one of the biggest hammers in our toolbox against climate change! How? Everything from moderating how much beef and mutton we eat, adjusting our thermostat by two degrees, washing our laundry on a cold cycle, choosing an electric car, to voting for a government that acts on climate and helping to raise awareness!

plotting cows

Did you know, research by the European Commission found that realistic behavioral change could shave off around 600 million tons of carbon dioxide just within Europe in 2020? Research by the Netherlands found that if we all chose a healthy diet, we could bring down the cost of limiting warming to 2 degrees Celsius by half. That’s a whopping 50 percent discount from following a healthy diet, as recommended by the Harvard Medical School for Public Health, of around 90 grams of meat and eggs a day.

Just how much faster could all our everyday actions take us?

Running the race 3

Enabling people to start talking about climate change in a fun and creative way, and empowering them to #ActOnClimate, is why we do what we do!