Who we are

Welcome to Little Climate!

I set this up with the aim of enabling the everyday citizen to understand just how scarily fast climate change is happening, and to empower them to take back control and choose to #ActOnClimate.

I’ve worked in the climate change field since 2007, and started in the emissions markets in London working with large energy firms, before moving onto scaling up low-carbon projects in poor communities here in Asia. This experience and my own scientific background in Physics and Environmental Technology mean that even though it’s easy for me to understand the science and the solutions out there, it’s still so hard for me to explain it to friends and family just how much it matters.

This disconnect – knowing how much of a challenge climate change is rapidly becoming, yet seeing how detached everyday citizens are (even those with much to lose like us here on a small island) – drove me to explore new, (hopefully) effective ways of reaching out.


I’ve worked on bringing clean cookstoves, household water filters and other low-carbon innovations to the people at the base of the pyramid who most need it, and who at the same time are doing more to prevent climate change than many others with so much more. Little Climate is an initiative focused on bringing home the climate message to the masses, in fun, unconventional and at times downright silly ways to get people excited about the potential for change!



pronounced ‘velt-ˌshmerts’

Comes from the German words “welt” (world) and “schmerz” (pain)
Meaning pain at the actual state of the world compared to how it should be.

Do you feel the same weltschmerz? Do something about it, make your voice heard! Get active on our online communities to share your ideas for change, support the work we’re doing by sharing it with your friends, or drop us a message if you’re keen to volunteer!

Remember the only constant in life:

Climate Pop Art: I Am The Change