It’s good to talk

Do you want to start the climate conversation at your school, community, or work? Wait no more! Research and put together your own talk, or reach out to your local green groups for speaker recommendations if you’re planning a related event! There’s a lot of support and passion from experts, scientists, environmentalists and many more to help make your vision a success. 🙂

Here are some examples of presentations we’ve given to local groups, as well as examples from other speakers such as Nor Lastrina Hamid (activist extraordinaire and the most networked person in the Singapore local green space) on taking climate action, Melissa Low (cool-headed and cheerful researcher) on climate policy matters, and Michael Broadhead (passionate organizer of the annual EarthFest event drawing hundreds of people) on eating better for our planet!

Many perspectives, all from grassroots, community-driven people keen to play a part. If you’ve given a talk and would like to share it here to help inspire others to get started, drop us a message!

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Presentations by Little Climate

Everything you need to know about climate change! (Layman introduction)

I was invited to give a talk to a local community group which was interested and keen to learn more about climate change, but with a low level of knowledge. This talk lasted an hour, with Q&A at the end.

Dealing with Eco-Anxiety (Sharing my own experiences)

This was a talk with a grassroots group keen on edible gardens and food sustainability. To keep things fun, I included a contest to draw your own cartoon (with prizes)!

Carbon Trading or Carbon Tax? (Presentation with notes)

I was on a panel of judges for a inter-college student debate on carbon trading or tax, in light of the recent announcement that Singapore would be implementing a carbon tax. This debate showed me that there was an encouraging appetite to learn more, especially from the polytechnic and non-elite schools (not that the elite schools appeared to know more)!


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Presentations by Nor Lastrina Hamid
Co-founder of Singapore Youth for Climate Action
Co-founder of #LepakInSg, the definitive eco-event calendar for Singapore

Climate Action Warrior of the 21st Century

Lastrina returned to her alma mater college to give a climate change talk to the next generation of hungry minds 🙂


Using Art to Influence the Climate Change Narrative

Here, Lastrina shared her personal experience in taking part in global climate action with a community group hosted by the Post-Museum.


Being Part of the Climate Movement in Singapore



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Presentations by Melissa Low
Research Associate with the Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore
Co-founder of the social book swap movement in Singapore, Books and Beer

Melissa has many insightful presentations on climate policy in Singapore and globally. Check them all out here.  A small selection is showcased below.

Paris Agreement on Climate Change – Essential Elements

International Climate Policy & Implications for Singapore’s Energy Future

Challenges in Implementing Climate Adaptation Law in Singapore



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Presentation by Michael Broadhead:
International School Teacher
Founder of EarthFest, Singapore’s first eco-festival
Active in the non-profit groups Animal Allies and the Vegetarian Society

Environmental Reasons for a Plant-based Diet


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Your Presentation Here!
If you’ve given a talk on climate change from your perspective, and would like to share it here to help inspire others to get talking, drop us a message!