Book reviews

‘Little Climate: We Need to Talk about Climate Disruption’



“Creative and engaging! Everyone, everywhere, needs to know not only the threats but also the many opportunities in combating climate change. This book provides a fascinating insight and impulse as to why all of us need to act.”

Nick Nuttall, Spokesperson
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


“Sometimes it’s better to laugh than cry!”

Dr. James Hansen
Columbia University Earth Institute
Former Director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies


“Eminently readable. An ambitious and comprehensive book that clearly and concisely outlines everything anyone needs to know, spanning good science, economics and policies. Should be required reading.”

Ash Sharma
Special Adviser for Climate Change
Nordic Environment Finance Corporation


“Delightfully different. A book to read again and again.”

Dr. Svati Bhogle
Ashoka Fellow, Founder and Managing Director
Sustaintech, India


“Simple and easy-to-understand, this is a very helpful book for the general public to understand climate change and the appropriate solutions we have to deal with it.”

Dr. Yang Saing Koma
Recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award
President, Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC)


“This book is a magnificent contribution to understanding climate disruption, suitable for both novices and experts. Grounded in a strong foundation of references, this should be at the top of everyone’s reading list.”

Dr. Russell deLucia
Recipient of the Purpose Prize, President and Executive Director
The Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund, United States


“Packed with inescapable facts, this is a cartoon book with a difference. Vivid images draw you in, smart text makes you think, the need for individual actions is clear. People are now pushing leaders to preserve the planet for future generations – this book should turn us all into activists in our daily lives.”

Bill Farmer
Chairman, Uganda Carbon Bureau
Founder, Carbon Foundation of East Africa

“The best book I’ve ever read on the science of climate change. I’ve been working in this sector for more than a decade, yet I still learned much from this little book.”

Boonrod Yaowapruek
Clean Energy Finance Team Leader
Private Financing Advisory Network for Asia, Thailand


“Illuminating. A great pleasure to read this smart, well-written book, filled with clever cartoons.”

Bastiaan Teune
Sector Leader Renewable Energy
SNV Netherlands Development Organization, Lao PDR


“Suzanne has written a very informative and compact book. In clear, short explanations with attractive pictures, she’s able to easily explain a very complex and dry topic: climate change. I hope this book will build greater awareness for us to reach further below the 2 degrees Celsius target.”

Lieselotte Heederik
Co-founder and Director
Nazava Water Filters, Indonesia


“Great for anyone who has always wanted to understand climate change in a speedy manner, suitable even for young audiences. Suzanne provides bite-sized, logical information on what is regarded as a complex issue, and suggests solutions to address them. A recommended read!”

Olivia Choong
President and Co-founder
Green Drinks Singapore


“No one has ever put together funny yet cheeky cartoons with established scientific research quite like this before! Perfect for adults and kids to laugh and learn together.”

Eleonora Gatti
Founder and Director
Great Women Speak Out, Myanmar


“This is an excellent book for anyone to get started on climate change issues.  It’s remarkably well-researched and gives a valuable overview of what is happening to the planet, as well as practical recommendations on how everyone can get involved. A worthwhile read!”

Alvin Chua, London


“A fun and unique approach to a difficult topic, Little Climate makes the science behind climate change easily accessible, and clearly explains concrete solutions to big problems!”  

Jo Hazelwood, Geneva


“A condensed, humorous look at the biggest problem of our time. With bright, colourful, tongue-in-cheek illustrations that break the monotony of such a complex subject, this book is never boring or difficult to absorb.”

Eng Poh Yin, Singapore