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“Little Climate: We Need to Talk about Climate Disruption” – our labour of love! Previously retailing at SG$9.99 but now offered free to you, our lovely readers! More than ever, we need to help bring climate education to the people – and what better way to do that than with fun cartoons? 🙂


What will you get?

  • Immediate download
  • Interactive, touch-friendly digital file
  • Fully transferable to all reading devices that accept PDFs.
  • 180 pages of wonderful cartoons
  • 24 MB in size
  • Interactive yet simple PDF format

Get smart with illustrated details on:

  • What’s happened so far? Facts on our hot streak, how much ice has melted, ocean acidification and deoxygenation, rising sea levels and changing weather patterns.
  • Why is it warming? Debunking myths on volcanoes, solar activity, Milankovitch cycles and focusing on what matters – greenhouse gases.
  • What’s causing it? Understanding the different types on greenhouse gases we’re emitting, where we use them, and just how fast it’s all going up into the air

and much, much more!

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If you’ve enjoyed reading the book, take the first step and join the global movement against climate change! However much you thought the book was worth to you, please donate it to, a nonprofit building a grassroots climate movement. They’re the white knights in a world of shades of grey.