Your result!

Less than 5 right: Little Grub in a Cosy Cocoon!


Hmm. You haven’t decided yet if you want to turn into brilliant butterfly, or stay as long as you can being a little grub in a really soft and cushiony cocoon. You’ve already noticed some unusual things, but, nobody around you is changing, so why should you be the first? Yet, you can’t shake the uneasiness you feel at the back of your mind, at where we’ll all headed. Take the plunge, commit to the transformation and learn much more about the brave new world you could be spreading your new wings in!

Between 5 and 8 right: Slumbering Bear!


You’re at the start of an important journey. Climate change will shape your world in chaotic, unexpected ways, bringing both tough challenges and new opportunities. Right now, you’re just stirring awake, somewhat groggy from the long hibernation, but when it finally hits you, watch out world! Will you choose to use your grizzly strength to leave your mark on the world for the better?

Between 9 and 11 right: Soaring Eagle!


Well done! You’ve clearly made it a point to learn more about climate change, and you’re now smarter than most people when it comes to the facts! You have a natural curiosity and keen intellect, which are sorely needed to build our braver future. The question is – will you choose to spread your wings and soar?

12 or more right: Warrior Lion!


Wow. Not many people have the in-depth knowledge you do about climate change. You’ve got the smarts to change the world, and make a real difference to the people around you – but have you got the heart? Choose to stand up and stand proud – you’re a rarity and the world needs YOU.

How did you do? Do you agree?
Share your score in the comments below, inspire others with your story and journey in climate change, or simply share what other questions you’d like to see!

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