Thar she blows!

Gray Whales Sticker by Little Climate

Inspired to draw this gray whale sticker today! Did you know that gray whales have two blow holes, and when they spout, it comes out  shaped? Awww! (But if you’re down-wind, get ready for a faceful of salty snot. Less awww.)

If you’d like to read more about how much global warming is going to hit our cetaceans, check out this report by WWF on Whales in Hot Water.

Stickers! #StickersNotSkeptics

❤ Finally, they have arrived! Designed and made right here in sunny, sweaty Singapore, these stickers are fun, feisty, and sure to get your message out while you multi-task on myriad other things to make our world a better place. Because you’re awesome that way.  Continue reading “Stickers! #StickersNotSkeptics”