Showing up for our City’s Climate Resiliency Plan

On Wednesday, 13th June, the City of Calgary Utilities and Corporate Services committee of Council, which includes several council members, unanimously voted in the Climate Resilience Strategy for the city! Only because we were there, this climate plan was approved with a special amendment put in to ensure that going forwards, this plan would be implemented in consultation with the community, when previously it had only called on working with industry.  

We were there – our growing group of doctors, law students, entrepreneurs, community builders, kids, social workers, solar installers, graduate researchers, teachers, designers, pharmacists and more. We’re tired mums with kids, worried grandparents, quiet dads, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers. We sported wispy silver hair tied back with clips, brunette locks, frazzled blonde curls, dark, slick crop cuts, bald pates, and buzz cuts. There was laughter, nervousness, determination and a definable sense of getting-things-done.

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