Dealing with Eco-Anxiety

Do you talk about climate change? We do! And we draw cartoons! If you missed it, here’s the presentation!

We even got cathartic with a few cartoons, drawing what we loved most about this earth, and reflecting on what climate change held in store for all that we cherished:

“Climate change affects world economics, fighting of resources, unhappy people :(“
“Topsoil will dry | Plants and trees will die | Harder to grow food | Forest will be gone | Animals will be gone | Climate will get even worse”
“Climate change will affect all these tremendously 😦 physically, psychologically, socially, politically”
“Extinction | Rise of Sea Level | Pollution of Water | Loss of Livelihoods for those dependant on the sea |Flooding of low-altitude areas | Forced evolution”
“Trees killed – when they canot purify the air any further, this increases climate change!”
“Bushfire frequency | Sea rise | Erosion | Air warmer and less pleasant | Fewer birds in trees and stealing from picnics! | Storm surge”
“Sea level rising | Ocean acidification | Spread of mosquitoes | Flood and Drought | Extreme weather | More haze | Climate refugees | Food supply disruptions | Water supply disruptions | Change of animal and plant cycles”

For me, diving deep into drawing climate cartoons was a helpful temporary step in dealing with my eco-anxiety, but it was really starting on everyday eco actions that gave me back some feeling of empowerment, some feeling of taking control back. And, don’t let anyone tell you little actions don’t count! Research shows that it does add up (as shown in the presentation above).

What a lovely evening spent sharing stories about eco-anxiety, with people passionate about the soil, growing food, eating well, nature, design and storytelling.

Thanks to Foodscape Collective, Nong at Hort Park and all those who participated – Huiying, Nithiya, Qinghui, Evon, Hangchong, Bala, Stephanie, Chee Meng, Chun Yeow, Daniel and more!

Do you feel eco-anxious too? Can you share your tips for dealing with it?

Author: Little Climate

On climate change, communication, and climate action! Because who says fighting for our #climate can't be fun? Follow us on Facebook to learn more!

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