On Brexit and the climate

Brexit and climate change

Brexit has taken up a lot of my emotional bandwidth the past few days. Half a world away, I can’t seem to peel myself away from the news. I worry. I grew up in Cambridge and worked in London, and still have (Asian) family there. But what about climate change?

Brexit has punched a hole right into the sails of climate leadership that, until recently, the UK and Europe were championing globally. For the next two years, while the world continues to warm, tensions will also be rising in UK-EU negotiations – is that going to leave them much room to focus on anything else? No, climate leadership will have to come from elsewhere.

Maybe, as Jonathon Porritt says, this is the complete system breakdown needed for the younger generations in the UK to re-imagine and remake their future, a stable climate included. Maybe, others will step up to the plate. China, perhaps, with its bold statement to cut 50% off the carnivorous appetites of its citizens towards a healthier diet. Perhaps even a more agile Europe, striving to prove itself still capable of global leadership in the urgent field of climate change, with or without the UK.

Or maybe, we could all be the hero we need.

Author: Little Climate

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