Let’s talk about #climate, baby!

It’s always hard to talk about climate change without it all getting too awful – but hopefully we struck a good balance at this talk, with the help of the #lepakinsg crew!

It started one hazy morning two weeks ago during the eco-marathon RUN350, when Lastrina and Xiang Tian came over to the Little Climate booth. We chatted about how tough it was to have a positive message when talking about climate change; Xiang Tian did the climate quiz I’d just designed (he scored deplorably) and we all thought it would be a great idea to have just such a talk here in Singapore!

Fast forward two weeks and it’s happened! Special thanks to Dorothy who ensured that everything went well 🙂

It was great meeting and chatting with some really interesting people – Asma, a special-needs teacher who was keen on seeing how cartoons could be used to teach climate change. Arvin, who was designing solar cookers and worm composters. Stacy, who taught at a school and was planning to set up a climate education network. Vicky, who shared her story on vegetarianism. Candy, from Hong Kong, who was involved in communication and giving talks at schools. Chip Khoon, from a local non-profit, who was very well-informed already! Alana, who was studying management and was passionate about mental health and learning about climate change. Winnie, who just got back from a few years working in San Francisco.

It helped that we had a great little space for a bit of chit-chat before the talk, thanks to Monochrome Coffee – their chocolate lava cake (with vanilla ice-cream of course) was a great way to start the evening. We ended with good, honest questions – everything from “What’s the worst that could happen, really?” to understanding how changing diets could impact the animal agriculture industry.

Here’s the presentation, if you’d like to take a look – and if you think your organization or group would benefit from a talk or would like to learn more, just drop us a message!

The presentation: “Everything you need to know about climate change – in cartoons!” (some charts too since I could walk through them).


Thanks to Monochrome Coffee for the use of their great space! (and Dorothy for this nice shot!)


Say hi to Dorothy and Xiang Tian at the left from #lepakinsg – Lastrina we missed you! Thanks Clint and Alana for the group photo!

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Author: Little Climate

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