Running for 350 in Singapore!

Little Climate booth at RUN350, NTUC marathon in Singapore

It was a hazy Sunday morning here in Singapore when the race started.

Thousands of people had started running in the dark at 5am for RUN350 – a marathon to raise awareness of 350 ppm, that critical climate target to stop catastrophic warming. By 7am, many had already completed the route.

Throngs of sweaty winners ran through the finish line just as the Sun rose, glowing like red-hot embers through the light haze from forests burning in the region. Just in time to come speak to us over at our booth in the race village!

Why is climate change important to you?” we asked.

Here’s what they had to share:


“I have two kids, and I want to learn more about climate change because I’m just concerned about what kind of a future they’ll have.”


“I feel like it’s just getting hotter and hotter – sometimes it’s unbearable. It’s one of the reasons why I’m a vegetarian, to help where I can.”


“When I ran the race this morning, the haze turned the Sun a glowing red. The woman in front of me remarked how pretty it was, and I just wanted to tell her, it’s the haze!”

(Haze in Singapore is caused by slash-and-burn agriculture in the region, a major driver of emissions as forests and peatlands are cleared and burned for cash crops like palm oil. This haze causes respiratory distress and a whole slew of other health issues, and has particularly affected the people of Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as Singapore.)

Needless to say we had lots of fun at the RUN 350 race, and it was very encouraging to meet new faces here in Singapore keen to #ActOnClimate!

Big thanks to the organizers Young NTUC for having us, and the other booths in the race village who came by to support us: People’s Movement to Stop Haze350 Singapore and the Vegetarian Society (Singapore)!


Woohoo, check out our name in big bold letters!


Well done to this guy for finishing the race and having the energy to stop and chat with us!


Great meeting this geography student (and her camera-shy friend) who’s outspoken about climate change and thinks teenagers should be more involved!

More photos:



Author: Little Climate

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